May Wrap-Up

Another month that I have done poorly reading. Honestly, it was completely my fault because I have been binge watching Doctor Who. Seriously guys I love TV just as much as books. I know most of you are probably shocked that I just said that because this is a dedicated book community. Anywho, that is just me. I hope everyone had a great May and will even have a better June.

Books Read:

Finale by Stephanie Garber

Finale (Caraval, #3)

You can check out my review below!

Currently Reading:

Stain by A.G. Howard

Progress: 73%

Hiding in the corner because I have been reading this since January even though I love it.

Blaze by Hope Bolinger

Progress: Page 47

I hope to finish this ASAP since it is being published TODAY. Oh, and it is a young adult christian so pretty neat.

Blog Post:


  • Doctor Who, of course
  • The Perfect Date, which was ADORABLE!
  • The Kissing Book; guys I am IN LOVE with this movie. Like I need to watch it over and over again.
  • Oh, and A LOT of kids shows because of baby.
  • Grey’s Anatomy season finale. I am not okay…
  • Teen Mom 2 season finale. I have officially been watching the Teen Mom franchise for 10 years.

4 thoughts on “May Wrap-Up

  1. Jodi Fisher says:

    Great post!

    Don’t worry about not reading much, I’ve been the same this year as well. I have only read three books this year so far. The last book I read, In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware, I read on and off from March to June, LoL. And it was a really good book too, I just didn’t end up reading every day, so it took forever to finish reading entirely.

    I actually have been catching up on Grey’s Anatomy the past few months. I am a few episodes into Season 12. That Season 11 finale broke my heart.

    I haven’t started reading this yet, but my next book read is going to be Maybe In Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Crystal says:

      I’ve read 7. One book behind my goal. But I just set it to 20. Hopefully me and you both can have a better half of the year with reading! Greys anatomy has my heart! I’m currently reading The Wicked King.

      Liked by 1 person

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