Top 5 Tuesday: Book Spines

Another Top 5 Tuesday guys. But this week I will be doing a previous prompt, Book Spines. I missed that week and also I have read only one series set in space, The Lunar Chronicles. I know, shame on me. However, I very much want to read more books set in space so please GIMME RECOMMENDATIONS! Okay, thanks.

Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by the brilliant Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm.

I looked on my bookshelf and was disappointed with my choices for book spines. So I am going to search the net for some more cute ones. By doing this, I will be using other people’s photos but will be crediting them.

Image result for a curse so dark and lonely book spine

When I first seen the cover and spine for A Curse So Dark and Lonely I knew I had to include it. I mean look at the iridescent spine y’all.

Photo Creds

Image result for five feet apart book

Five Feet Apart cover is one of the most gorgeous things I have ever laid my eyes upon. I figured the spine was just as beautiful…. I was right.

I am not sure if this is who the crediting should go to but this is where the link took me. Photo Creds

Image result for red queen book

I had to include something with crowns!? The Red Queen series isn’t my favorite to read but one of my favorites to look at.

Epic Reads link

Image result for the sun is also a star book

Of course I creeped on Shanah’s post and seen The Sun is Also a Star. It is breathtaking.

Photo Creds

Image result for alice in wonderland book special edition

I have seen this edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland many times at Barnes and Noble. I always want to buy it.

Image result for this adventure ends book

I had to add another spine just because. Emma Mills has beautiful covers. I don’t even own a book of hers but I want to just to stare at them. The spine for This Adventures Ends is breathtaking.

Photo Creds

Let’s Chat!

Tell me some beautiful book spines so I can go look!

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