Top 5 Tuesday | Books I need to read in 2019

Hi guys! This is the first Top 5 Tuesday of the year! Pretty excited about it and for the topics for the rest of the year. Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm. This week’s topic is books I need to read in 2019. If I could I would list every book I want to read, haha. But there are some I do need to read.

One Small Thing by Erin Watt

One Small Thing

At the beginning of 2018, I couldn’t wait to read this. But for some reason, I never got around to reading it. I have an ARC that I needed to review months ago. Whoops.

Cracked Kingdom by Erin Watt

Cracked Kingdom (The Royals, #5)

Yes, another Erin Watt book. Also a book I felt like I was waiting on in 2018. This is the last in the series so I need to read it and be done with this beloved series.

Stain by A.G. Howard


Okay, I necessarily don’t need to read this. But it was the first book I have ever pre-ordered. I am super excited about it and the pre-order goodies it comes with. I am in need of a gothic fairy tale retelling in my life. Plus this cover is just WOW.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Six of Crows (Six of Crows, #1)

This duology has been sitting on my shelf forever. Just waiting to be picked up. I wanted to read the Grisha Verse first. I am currently finishing the third book in that series. It has taken me forever to finish though cause it is not necessarily my favorite. Fingers crossed this will be way better.

King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard

King's Cage (Red Queen, #3)

I have been putting off finishing this series for over a year. I was just so disappointed in Glass Sword. I know I don’t “have” to finish a series but for some odd reason, I feel like I “need” to.

Let’s Chat!

What are some of your must be read books?

37 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday | Books I need to read in 2019

    • Crystal says:

      Their other books are amazinggg. I would fit it into more of the NA genre though because of some of the content. Even though they characters are in high school. I’m hoping I’ll enjoy this book just like I did with all the others!

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  1. Chizurue says:

    I sometimes wish I could read Six of Crows all over again for the first time 😂 that tells you all about my obsession for that duology, but anyway happy reading ~
    And that A.G. Howards book looks good!

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  2. Ari says:

    Okay hold on A G Howard has another book? The Splintered trilogy is my favorite series! And yeah, the covers are always beautiful. You need to read Six of Crows, that book was amazing. I really like Erin Watt, but I haven’t read either of the books you have listed here. And I don’t think I’ve read King’s Cage yet, but I want to. I need to re-read the rest of the series first though, because I forgot everything, and that just sounds like a lot of work. They got kind of tiring after a bit.

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    • Crystal says:

      Yess! It comes out this month. Defiantly check it out!
      I love the Splintered series sooo much. One of my favorites, if not my favorite.
      I’m almost done with Ruin & Rising so I am hoping to get to Six of Crows soonish.
      Cracked Kingdom is the last book in the Royals series. One Small Thing is a stand-alone that came out in the summer, I think?
      I read the first two books for King’s Cage a couple of years ago so it’s been a long time for me too. I would rather just not finish the series than reread those books, haha! The second was too much of a disappointment.

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      • Ari says:

        I will! I’m really excited for it now!
        Yeah, it’s the best. Morpheus is one of my favorite characters from any book ever. And it’s just so well thought out and the characters all feel real… Okay I’m gonna stop now. But I love it.
        I didn’t like the Grisha series as much as Six of Crows. It was okay, but SOC was amazing. And it’s sequel was really good too, which was nice. I’ve read a lot of mediocre sequels recently.
        I read the first two books in the Royals series, but my library never has the others and I keep forgetting to put them on hold. There are four altogether, right? Have you read Life Just Got Real? It’s also by Erin Watt, and it’s really good.
        I feel you, honestly. I figure if I ever have nothing to do for like a week then maaaaybe I’ll read them, but otherwise I’m just planning to pretend I never read them. I don’t like leaving series’s unfinished, but I don’t have the patience to re-read this and I don’t think I could just jump back in.

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      • Crystal says:

        I understand completely. I can gush about Morpheus forever! Just everything about that series is magical!
        The Grisha series so far is definitely not one of my favorites! But I’m powering through. I have more hope for Six of Crows though.
        They’re are 5 books in The Royals Series plus a novella. Paper Princess will always be the best of the series to me though.
        I’ve read When it’s Real twice. Is that which one you’re talking about? I adore it.
        I’m like you. I always feel the need to finish a series I started. But to be honest I don’t quite care if I finish The Red Queen series or not.

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  3. Ari says:

    The only character I don’t like is Jeb, but he’s a good character, if that makes sense.
    Six of Crows is much better than the Grisha series, don’t worry.
    I don’t remember the names of the two I’ve read, but they were the first two. I remember the plot, which is more important. I actually forget plots a lot. I can take a book out of the library, thinking I’ve never seen it before, and one of my friends will tell me I’ve read it twice. It’s ridiculous.
    Yeah, sorry. I don’t know why I called it Life Just Got Real. I think that’s the title of a different book I either read or saw. I really liked it.
    It bothers me that I’m not going to finish it, but it doesn’t bother me enough to re-read the other books.

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