Unique Blogger Award

So I was going through my huge list of drafts. Not realizing how many things I really needed to get to. And I am SORRY to the things I have been tagged or nominated in and haven’t gotten around to doing yet. I promise I have not forgot. I plan to get to everything! Hopefully.

Thank you so much LaRonda @ Flying Paperbacks for nominating me for the Unique Blogger Award! Back in August. I am always so humbled when a fellow blogger nominates me for any award. Especially since I feel so little compared to everyone.unique blogger award


    • Share the link of the blogger who nominated you
    • Answer their questions
    • Share some love with the blogging community by nominating 8-12 people
    • Ask three questions for your nominees

LaRonda’s Questions:

1) Sell me on your favorite read of 2018.

Vikings! With one of the strongest, heroic female MC I have had the privilege to read about. Need I say more?

2) If you could read a book about any mythological being, which would it be and why?

Honestly, I haven’t read a book with dragons or about dragons yet. I know there is ones that came out this year in the YA universe that I need to check out. I LOVE DRAGONS!

3) Who’s a character that has motivated you? How?

The one who comes to mind is Lara Jean. I love how she likes to get things done and is such a reliable person. For example, if kitty needs baked goods she makes sure kitty gets baked goods. Probably even made from scratch. It’s like she’s a little housewife and mom already. I always like to be more determined and dedicated.

My Questions:

1) If you could choose to unread any book which one would it be?

2) What is the story behind your blog name?

3) Do you have a favorite Christmas tradition?

My Nominees:

Dee Reads Things

Jillian The Bookish Butterfly Blog

Bookish Paige

Please don’t feel obligated to do this. I just wanted to show some love!

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