Happily by Chauncey Rogers Blog Tour + Q&A with the reader, Emily Brady


Welcome to the blog tour for Happily! Thank you to the author, Chauncey Rogers, for letting me participate. I absolutely adored this book! You can check out my 5 star review here!

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Now without further ado my post today will feature a Q&A with the voice talent of the audiobook for Happily, Emily Brady!

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Since Happily is a fairytale retelling, what is your favorite fairytale?

Psyche and Cupid, if that counts. I absolutely love “Till We Have Faces” by C.S. Lewis. If that’s not technically a fairytale, I’d have to say Cinderella is actually one of my longstanding favorites, mostly because of “Lucifer” from the Disney adaptation – I think he’s hilarious. And I remember being so proud of myself as a kid when I got the joke behind his name.

On your blog, https://plotboilers.com/, you do a podcast for your reviews. How was narrating different from doing a podcast? Similar? 

Hmmmmm. That’s a good question. It’s different from a technical standpoint, for sure. A lot of the time, performing an audiobook means producing it too, so it takes a certain amount of technical chops to get the right sound quality and whatnot. Editing takes a lot longer, in my experience. But this was my first narration so I was learning a lot along the way, too. On the other hand, narrating and podcasting are similar because they’re both a performance, to a certain degree. Whether you’re representing a character in a book or representing yourself, you’re still projecting an image of that person and putting it out into the world.

Essentially being the voice of Laure, did it come easily to connect with her character? Any of the other characters?

I did find myself connecting with Laure. Since the story is told from her perspective, I had to get inside her head, read between the lines, and understand what makes her tick. There are a lot of things about her character I relate to. She’s strong, she’s independent, she has a goal and is working to achieve it. Those are all characteristics I’d like to think I have as well. Circumstantially, we have very few commonalities, but I admire her in a lot of ways and found it easy to relate her because of that. Plus, she has a great sense of humor.

Can we expect you to be the voice talent in any future audiobooks?

I don’t have anything lined up on the near horizon, but I’d love to! Happily was the perfect book for me to narrate because it’s fun and I really enjoyed performing Laure. So, if I was to do another audiobook, it’d have to be the right fit but I’d definitely be interested. I was actually surprised how much I enjoyed the voice performance aspect of the whole process, and I think I’ll miss it enough to look into more narration opportunities in the future.

Do you prefer reading audiobooks, eBooks, or physical copies?

For me, it’s pretty hard to argue with anything that makes it easier for people to enjoy books, so I love them all. I know a lot of book lovers aren’t fond of e-readers, but I think the ability to carry hundreds of books in your pocket is pretty amazing. I also listen to a lot of audiobooks in the car. Even when I have a super busy week, I can keep absorbing books while I drive; I can redeem time that would otherwise be wasted. Of course, I love physical copies of my books too. If I particularly adore something, I probably have it in all three formats. I also collect old and first edition copies from authors I love. I recently found a first edition of “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy at a used bookstore on the cheap and it made my week. I love having that on my shelf, and that’s something you can’t recreate with an audiobook or e-reader. At the end of the day, I think I appreciate all three mediums for different reasons.

 I have noticed you read different genres. What is your favorite?

I love this question! My favorite genre is kind of specific. Like you said, I read a lot of genres. I love mysteries, horror, science fiction, literary fiction, YA, classics – everything but romance. That’s the one thing I haven’t explored yet. But my favorite genre, hands down, is southern gothic fiction. Flannery O’Connor and William Faulkner are two of my favorite authors of all time, and they kind of embody the genre – especially O’Connor. I remember the first time I read her; I went back to my dorm room and Googled “what genre is Flannery O’Connor” because there was something so distinct about the way she wrote and what she conveyed – I had to know if there were other writers that poured their work into a similar mold. It’s also one of the genres I haven’t explored on Plotboilers. Honestly, I love southern gothic so much I haven’t dared discuss those books yet. There’s just so much to think about, I’m afraid I’ll miss something important if I talk about it on the podcast. In that genre, I think Cormac McCarthy is the easiest for me to grasp – and that’s saying something because his books have a lot of depth.

 Without giving away any spoilers, what were your overall thoughts about Happily?

When Chauncey first reached out to me about narrating it, I thought “Sure! This will be fun and a great experience!” And I didn’t really think about it the same way I would a book I’d found at the bookstore and chosen to read. Looking back, I can say that I absolutely would have kept turning the pages even if I wasn’t performing the audiobook. There are so many things about it that I enjoyed. It’s a retelling but it still took me by surprise. It has a female protagonist who isn’t solely defined by a love interest. I genuinely cared about so many of the characters. I could go on, but I don’t want to give too much away. All I’ll say is it’s clever, refreshing, and definitely worth a read.

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Thank you Emily and Chauncey for this opportunity! She was such a delight! Emily also has a book blog herself at Plot Boilers. She does podcast reviews in which everyone should go check out!

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