Bullet Journal April Spread

bullet journal update.png

Hi y’all! So I have been doing a bullet journal since the middle of January. I haven’t shared any pictures because let’s face it… I’m no artist nor do I have the best handwriting. But I really enjoy doodling. Plus I love being organized. I have decided to share April’s spread because I really like the theme and layout. I went with a April showers and an Easter theme.

First, is the month page and my goals for this month. The umbrella didn’t turn out quite like I would have hoped but I still am satisfied. This is my second month of tracking my moods.

I like to have a page dedicated to my blog so I can keep track of post, books to read, and books read. And the overall stats at the end of the month.

I don’t write a whole lot of info in daily so I like to do a week per page.

Last month I wrote down a Bible verse per day but it became messy looking and took up a lot of room. So I plan to just write stuff that sticks out to me.

Does anyone else keep a bullet journal? What are your favorite layouts?

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