Book Review: It Only Happens in the Movies by Holly Bourne

Two book reviews in one week? Ya girl is on fire. I feel like Katniss twirling in her gown.

Title: It Only Happens in the Movies

Author: Holly Bourne

Genre: YA Contemporary

Oh look. My heart lying on the floor. Bleeding out. This! I. Can’t. Even. Put it into words how I am feeling right now. *sobbing* I am seriously crying while typing this.

I went into this thinking I would know what would happen but really I had no clue. The last 50 pages I was left with rage,sorrow, happiness, understanding. It’s amazing how a YA contemporary can make you feel so many emotions. Once I read the summary for this I knew I had to have it. I knew I would love it. It only happens in the movies is pretty self explanatory for a quick look into the plot. Specifically romance movies. Things are never like the movies. How true Holly, how true.

I despised some of the characters. You will too if you read this. I wanted to catch their car on fire and watch it burn. I was fuming with some things that were done and said. I don’t think I have ever disliked characters so much. But it needed to be that way. I connected. I truly connected with the main character, Audrey. I felt what she felt. I loved her character because she was so realistic. Harry was another to connect with easily. There are some questions left unanswered with him for me. He stole a piece of my heart and I can’t seem to give it back.

The romance. Oh the romance. Isn’t this the main point of the book? It is but it is so much more than that. I got romance in different ways. In different points and views. It felt really real to me. I don’t want to spoil anything so I can’t spill as much as I’d like. The ending left me satisfied though.

I will definitely be reading more Holly Bourne books!!

Rating: 5/5 Moons

5 moons

small name


16 thoughts on “Book Review: It Only Happens in the Movies by Holly Bourne

  1. malanielovesfiction says:

    this book sounds so good??? and I remember your post when you featured this cover and I thought the popcorn was so cute and somehow aesthetic & this review is so great!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Maxi says:

    Omg yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaass!! I loved your book review! I feel exactly the same way in every single thing you mentioned! Plus the ending really was satisfying. It wasn’t typical for YA but that’s why I loved it . 😍🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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